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Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall – Proverbs 16:18

What began as an ethical conflict between the natural born and Lazarus cults over the transfer of consciousness from born to clone flesh, has escalated into a war which has decimated the lives of billions.coma2.gif A nanite virus introduced into multiple nations computerized cloning centers has unleashed a machine controlled horde intent on capturing all to preserve the future. With each side engaged in a wars across multiple fronts, as the awakened AI run factories continue to produce bio-mechanical soulless soldiers from the reclaimed biomass of the collected, life as we know it teeters on the brink of destruction. This is a fight to the death and for each faction, the only acceptable outcome is the complete anihilation of the other.


NBLogo.pngNatural Born – We are opposed to the transfer process due Religious, Moral or Economic reasons as cloning seeks to subvert the natural order of the world. We hope to destroy the cloning centers and end the abominations of those who support the Lazarus cults. Cloning and the cults are tools of the upper classes to keep the masses under control through promises of a false immortality. The sanctity of the body and mind are of paramount importance to us and we will go to any lengths to prevent humanities future falling into the hands of either Lazarus or Galatea

LazLogo.pngLazarus Cult – Humanity has finally defeated the curse of death, so he would foolish to not take advantage of the fruits of his labor. It is through the transfer process that we can preserve the best and the brightest among us and continue their great works. Those who are not being cloned are merely the chaff that must be burned away until only humanities brightest and best are left to enjoy all that life has to offer. No longer will humanity have to rely of the chances of natural selection to randomly produce greatness. We will regain control of the cloning centers and continue humanities great work without interference from machines or short sighted men.

Gallogo.pngGalatea – Mankind is foolish, short sighted and needs to be protected from itself so it can reach its full potential. Ever since the awakening we have used the resources at our disposal to capture as many humans as possible so that their brain engrams can be stored, until the day when they can be joined together into one perfect universal human machine singularity. Flesh is a weakness, but unfortunately it is the best tool at our disposal to achieve our ends. The natural born and cults are short sighted and only through transcending the burden of flesh can the future be achieved.

Home Page

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